About Us

We are a company dedicated to our customers



Meet the needs of the automotive aftermarket with quality products RD guaranteed and services that meet the expectations of our customers, always attached to our dedication to service and values.



Being a leader in sales of automotive parts and accessories nationwide creating strategies that will enable us to fulfill our mission.


pictureBeing a company that can resolve the problems of parts of our customers, taking advantage of market opportunities.

Meet and exceed the expectations of our customers through excellent service, in order to create loyalty among them.

Train our staff on an ongoing basis, with the aim of fostering a culture of quality service and excellence.



Responsibility in everything we do.
Honesty with our company, our customers and ourselves.
Respect, credibility with our company, our customers and ourselves.
Commitment to the guidelines and objectives of the company.
Creative development Problem solving, cooperative learning and dedication to service, friendliness and flexibility to serve our customers, understand and meet their needs.